Monday, October 30, 2017

Memories of Maui (February 2016)

I knew Hawaii would be exiting, exotic, and warm, but I didn't know it would be quite as fantastic as it was.  The culture, the beaches, and the adventure was just incredible. I can't really do it justice with my words, but I'll share some of my favorite things in hopes that it will inspire some people to visit.

We stayed in a private condo in Kihei.  I would definitely recommend this area to travelers.  In so doing, you avoid the hustle and bustle of a large resort, allowing for beach time without the crowd!  There wer some points where we were all alone!  lso, as the sun was going down one night, we heard saw a mother and baby whale surface several times, hearing their wails (No pun intended) as they called to one another.  That was one of the most incredible things I've ever experienced.

The drive to Hana.  This drive is not for the faint of heart, as the road is extremely narrow.  For those that brave it, however, vast treasures are in store for the senses.  There are waterfalls, crystal clear pools, hikes through bamboo forests, and flowers of all colors and smells.  There are also many roadside sytands to fill your stomach with delicious Hawaiian treats. At the end of the road is Haleakala National Park, home of a ZGiant Dormant Volcano!  One of my all-time favorite National Parks, one is able to hike through bamboo forests to beautiful waterfalls that feed pristine pools.  

The Gazebo.  We had to wait in Line for about an hour, but the food here was delicious!  I got the breakfast sandwich, while much of my family got he banana macadamia nut pancakes-or some form of pancakes.  This was a wise decision on my part, because the pancakes were much more than my relatives could handle, so I got to eat my breakfast sandwich (which was wonderful, by the way), as well as sample as much of their pancakes as I could handle (which was enough to have to make them stop me)!

Leoda's Kitchen and Pie shop.  As a big dessert fan, this was the place for me.  I got chicken and waffles and a cookie/pie, but was able to sample all kinds of delicious food from my family members...I'm getting smarter!

We also chose to do a Zipline tour on the island, which was amazing!  I was pleased with the service of our tour company, the guides were amazing, as was the tour.

Driving around Maui was aso a joy.  As the garden island, it is filled with all kinds of plants, great hikes, and Sandy beaches.  It is incredible! Hanging out on the beach, or playing in the sunshine is always a good plan in Maui.  I found it was better not to have a plan, and just "Hang Loose".

One really special place to me was St. Joseph's church, where my great-great grandfather was christened.  It's fun for me to be able to "walk where my relatives walked.  The original church was burned down and rebuilt, but I was happy to be in that place.

Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you get to visit Maui soon!

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