Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sightseeing in Sparks (and Seattle) July 2017

Driving from Utah to Seattle, and then Forks, and back is quite the undertaking.  It's a 12-15 hour drive to Seattle, then another 4 into Olympic National Park. That's one-way!  The sights are not incredible until you get into Western Washington, but with the right group of people, it's a blast! We made several stops, and among my favorites were:

Boise Fry company in Boise.  They had a great burger, but the fries were incredible!  They had fries from all the different potatoes (I chose yam fries, which I thought were the best), and had more kinds of dipping sauces and extra sprinkling herbs than I ever thought possible! I thought the blueberry ketchup was interesting and tasty.

Pike Place Market.  I don't know of another place where you can watch guys throw fish around, so there's that (and it was cool to see).  My friend loved the fact that he could visit the first ever Starbucks (which was extremely crowded, and took forever to get served, since everyone wanted to get their coffee there).  There's something for everyone, and plenty of vendor hoking their wares. A fun place to visit if you have a few hours.
Just driving around the city, seeing the Microsoft offices, and the Seattle LDS temple was a fun experience for this country boy.  I enjoyed the sights, smells, and sounds there.  It is a neat city, one that I hope to visit in the future, and one that I hope I won't forget.

Olympic National Park. I LOVE National Parks, and Olympic was fantastic.  There's not many places I know where you can experience Rainforest, Mountains, and the beach in just 2 days.  My guide and friend took us to experience all three, along with ferry rides and camping.  The Hoh Rain Forest was something I'd never experienced before, being from the deserts of Utah, and they pleased both the mind and the senses. A must see if in Western Washington.
Sully's Burgers in Forks, Washington: We were surprised that fate brought us to Forks twice in our 2 days in Olympic National Park, and even more surprised that we wanted to eat at the same place!  The twilight-based town drew us in, and wouldn't let us go, and Sully's Burgers was a cheap and decent place to "fill the tank" (our stomachs).  We went for the food, but stayed for the shakes!

Camlann Medieval Village, appropriately located in king County, Washington.  It was truly interesting to be able to eat on bread plates, be entertained by the court jester with song and story, and when ordering water to drink, be told: "we can do that, kind sir.  I'll make sure the servants fetch it above where the cattle are frolicking". They had good, though not incredible, food and I left satisfied, though not full. The meal was a bit pricey at $20 plus extra if you ordered drink and dessert (which I obviously did), but overall a good experience.  I just wish I could have been there when the villagers were out and about, playing their roles.

Oregon Trail Cafe and Bar in Glenn's Ferry, Id.:  I like hole in the wall joints, and this was a great one!  The food was great, the service was awesome!  I Felt like a local coming to his favorite small-town joint, and was treated that way.  They have funny books to glance through, and the menu hasn't changed in 50 years! If you can hold back your hunger til you get past Boise, it's a great stop with no traffic.

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