Monday, October 23, 2017

Certainly Cincinatti

I traveled to Cincinatti for the Love Summit, a conference that aimed to increase love in business, I stayed for the Theme Park.   It was an amazing weekend, with incredible people, and great business. I was impressed by the kindness and help I received from many places and people.

Flying with Frontier Airlines was not as good as it could have been  I was not informed that carry-on luggage was charged a fee of $30, until I was preparing to board!  Luckily, I was able to put it under the seat in front of me (though it left little foot-room), thus avoiding a fee.  Apparently, Frontier only allows personal items to be brought on for free, so watch out for that next time you book a flight! On my second flight, I was allowed to stow my item overhead, so I'm not sure what the difference was.  It was also made better by an extremely humorous flight attendant who kept my attention by telling jokes during the often monotonous pre-flight checklist.  He was definitely the star of the show. There were also no free snacks to satiate your hunger, no matter if it was a 1 hour or 3 hour flight.  They charge for everything!

I had a good experience with Budget car rental after arriving in Cincinatti Airport, getting my car quickly and efficiently, after booking on They were ready for me even at 4 a.m. (when I landed)!

Quality Inn and Suites Downtown was extremely accommodating to me.  I arrived early that morning, so they didn't have any rooms ready to me, but offered recommendations for breakfast, and also offered breakfast to me there if I wanted to just rest and relax before my conference.  Their breakfast was more than sufficient, and they offered to keep my luggage in the back for me while I attended my conference, which was much appreciated.  By the time I arrived later that evening, My room was ready and clean, with a Giant bed, good t.v., and peace and quiet, despite the busy downtown location.  I was extremely pleased with my stay there, and the easy access to downtown.

The blink festival was going on while I was visiting.  This is an event I would recommend to anyone.  The city lit up the sides of buildings with lights that had a kind of motion (e.g. a rabbit that hopped across the building).  There was also a parade of individuals and floats adorned with lights that roamed down the streets of Cincinnati for approximately an hour.  It was amazing how creative and fun they were, from dragons, to bicycles, to Disney characters.  It was fun to be out and about, and though I got lost a few times while walking around, I was pleased that I never felt unsafe or threatened.

After a continental breakfast of biscuits and gravy, muffins, and fruit juice, I attended my last day at the Love Summit, with extremely good speakers who explained how to use Love and appreciation to customers and workers, and made my way to Newport on the Levee, which is a must-see if you visit Cincinnati. I ate at Brothers Bar and Grill, which offers a beautiful view of the city,  from Kentucky, and has great burgers! I particularly enjoyed the ugly patty melt. The fall weather was perfect, and they had outdoor seating.

I traveled Kings Island for a day trip and was soon wrapped up in the stomach raising and heart-lifting experience of traveling at untold speeds on some of the best roller-coasters I've been blessed to haunt.  From Diamondback, to Mystic Timbers, to Firehawk, I was appropriately stimulated from terror to ultimate joy in the course of about a half a second.  Though lines were sometimes quite long, it was a joy to spend time with old friends and new.

After traveling to Indianapolis, I boarded a light with Southwest Airlines, where I enjoyed brilliant service with friendly staff.  It should be noted here that I switched my flight several times, and Southwest was incredibly accommodating to my indecisive nature, offering cancellation to within 15 minutes of my flights, and giving me credit for the time I actually decided to travel.  They offered free carry-on luggage and personal bag, as well as in flight treats.  These little things seem small, but it made my experience way better! My connecting flight in Denver was also right next to where I was let out, allowing me to get to my next flight quickly.

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