Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pie Day (1/13/2014)

In the beggining there was man...and pie!  Man looked at pie and thought, "Boy you look good".  Then pie was eaten.  
fast forward several thousand years to the year 2014.  Now pie is commercialized and sold at Village Inn's across the planet.  Lots of pie! 16 flavors in fact.
Neil and Spenser enter the pie scene (the Village Inn on University Ave. in Provo, Utah).
Waitress: What can I get you boys?
Neil and Spenser: We want one of everything!
Waitress: Are you sure?! (surprised look on face)
Neil and Spenser: Yes, we want ALL THE PIE!!!
They begin to forge through the pies when Neil gets a pained, sick look on his face and exclaims: "I need to  take a break!" 
Spenser responds with his war cry: "Nom, nom, nom", and continues the battle, only stopping to stack his empty plate and place a pie-filled one in front of himself.
Neil reenters the fray and gains the name "The Finisher".
The men reassert their dominance over pie.
And that's why (Spenser+Neil)+pie(X)=No pie...ever!

The End...or is it?

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