Sunday, June 7, 2009

Timberline '09

I got to spend a week on the mountain (Probably my favorite place in the world) this week, staffing Timberline. so this week went by really fast.

One of the funniest and greatest of the week's experiences was on Wednesday, when Brother Larson, decided to pull out the ducks in the bahtub joke ( Two ducks were in a bathtub, when one duck looks at the other and says, "pass me the soap. So the other duck replies, "what do I look like, a radio?" which made him burst out immediately into fits of laughter. The rest of the night was filled with kids trying to figure out the meaning of the joke, and another adult staffer making jokes reffering to ducks, such as: Why did the duck buy glasses for his feet? A- to improve his website! Also, some youth staff tried to make jokes- emphasis on the try. It was probably the funniest night I have had at Timberline (It was very late by the time the kids were through with moolage- a form of make-up that makes you look injured- and asking their questions).

Another excellent experience was when a couple of adult staffers (the cooks) and I did the "Edjumacated" skit. I hadn't seen it in forever, and Joel Palmer was hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing at him ( the reason for this must have come from his reputation) Basically, Joe Hurst sent me to get edjumacated, whereupon I ended up in school with Joel. He asked me questions like "where was the battle of Bull Run?" and "How many cups are in a gallon?" I answered with "Oh, that was in the pasture. It got so bad that my dad had to shoot one" and " Well, my grandma puts two cups in her kettle, so it must be two!" Then he would look confused ( which was hilarous, at least to me), and reply, "o.k." or "That's close enough". When I got home and told "pa"( in a southern accent, I might add) that I learned that pie are squared, which I argued profusely about with "oldie". Joe told me that if I couldn't get those "gal dern ideas out of my head, he'd have to beat them out of me, which he did.

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