Monday, June 22, 2009

A missionary... at last!

I was set apart as a missionary tonight. It was pretty amazing. The stake presidency came over and the stake president himself did it for me. It was a very spiritual event. He told me to work hard and it would be fun for me, even though it is called missionary work for a reason. He said there would be difficult times, but to remember my loved one's prayers for me. I felt so special and loved.

Another big event was my farewell. It was awesome for several reasons: 1) I made a pretty good talk that went for over ten minutes. 2) My dad spoke, and he did awesome! 3) My dad wrote a song, and it was great (he must have taken a leaf from my book, or I from his).

I also got to go on a final date on Friday, which was definitely a must. Herer's a picture:

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Chapman Family said...

congrats bud! That is so great. I am sure that you and your dad did a Super job on your talks. We wish we would have been there...