Sunday, October 19, 2008

remembrances of Sterling Scolar, 2008

I competed at Sterling Scholar last Spring. I was the General scholarship, and I pretty much rocked my competitors worlds. seriously, though, I did win. I got a 400 dollar check, a certificate, a sweet pin, and most importantly, a full tuition scholarship for one year to BYU. Go cougars!
O.K. Now for my funny but amazingly freakin' awesome moment at Sterling Scholar. I was sitting right by the stage where the winners got led up to before sitting down. There were ushers that escorted the winners there. Girls for the guys and vice-versa. An idea formed in my mind at the very beginning of the ceremony, and it only increased as time went on(My category at the very end of the program) Anyway, I was sitting like two feet from the stairs to the stage, so of course i was thinking, "I don't want to be led this 2 feet to the stage. so they announce the runners up first, and my name wasn't called. Then, like for every other winner, they start to read a "blurb" about him/her. Almost right away I knew it was me, so I got this HUGE smile on my face. Now I knew I could put my amazing plan into action and forever be remembered when Sterling Scholar was mentioned anywhere. For-ev-er. So this amazingly pretty girl came over and gave me the check, pin, and certificate and got ready, I'm sure, to leave. But, of course, I had to pull off something amazing, so I whispered to her, "let's take a lap"( a phrase used at Timberline, which is a leadership camp), took her arm, and she led me(or I led her) Around the entire crowd, amid hoots and a standing ovation from my audience, me smiling the entire way. Not only did this amazingly pretty girl go along with my antics, she came back afterward to give me a hug and a picture(I don't think I've been hugged by so many pretty girls in a 2 minute time period before in this life, and I can tell you I enjoyed every wonderful second of it). And that's my five minutes of freakin' awesomeness

Peace out!


Jill said...

Spen--I mean Hoser, I love your blog, keep it coming. When are we doing the haircut? xoxox Aunt J

David said...

Dude Spens, we need pics now!! I have to see that.