Sunday, October 19, 2008

College Life

Those of you who have been to college, or are at college, know nthat the point of the freshman year is to have as much fun as possible, while doing your best to find something, anything, that will get you out of doing homework. I have been a pretty good student, however, and have found time to do both (so don't worry, fam!) There is also a struggle to find your niche in life, and to find a girlfriend(not so much in the game here, either, I like dating different girls way too much) I really love college, and am having a great first semester. I am known by just about everyone(especially the girls) in Helaman Halls, because I sit by new people during just about every class and meal time(again, mostly girls) I have even got a nickname, a term of endearment if you will, from the members of my dorm. It is Hoser. They like to say it in a Canadian accent, cause it came from the canadian movie Strange Brew. It is pretty much the funniest thing ever to walk around and hear people talking with canadian accents. Oh the wonders of college life

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