Monday, January 8, 2018

The train to Denver and back

Going to Denver on train was exciting Prospect for me I was excited to see the country and be able to not have to drive while doing this that I could pay attention to what was going on the only problem was the Amtrak was never on time and was always between 2 1/2 to 7 hours late I would not recommend it Jenny one is on a schedule but the scenery is incredible! We ended up leaving around 7 in the morning and are able to see a lot of amazing sites that cannot be seen from the freeway the mountains were beautiful, and we saw some ghost town that are not readily available from the freeway. 

We were able to get a great place to stay in Denver from stay Alfred that was only about a half mile walk from our departure from the train and very clean it was also walking distance to some restaurants and a grocery store so we didn't have to go too far to find food. The first night we took advantage of the grocery store and we're able to get breakfast as well as dinner that way for a little price.

Our next day we spent seeing the city of Denver.  We did a lot of walking, beginning the day by going to the Denver meant which is a really cool place to visit the guide told us how the coins were made well as some of the history behind it. It is nice to get out of the cold and an interesting thing to do while in the Denver area. We are able to get to get to a bus stop and take a bus to our next destination: the butterfly pavilion as well as a small aquarium and information Center it was a great place for kids but also for us who love to be in the outdoors, and enjoy nature. Were able to interact with some of the Wildlife as well lighting the butterflies float around us and touching some of the sea life the had in the building.

For lunch we decided to go to the Bonefish Grill which was your shirt walk from the pavilion we enjoyed several different dishes including the thing Bang chicken and bang bang shrimp tacos. I got hey Thai dish with shrimp in it and wasn't thoroughly impressed but still enjoyed the rest by shame with my family. 

After taking the bus back we felt pretty tired so we went back to the hotel to rest for a while then went to the Cheesecake Factory to get some dessert to go along with our leftovers from lunch. Where are family that enjoys dessert so we really love to the desserts that we got from Cheesecake Factory and were satisfied before hitting the hay that night. 

Getting on the net train the next day was a struggle we were told that we were going to leave by 7 but didn't end up leaving town early 10. Because of this we didn't get to her next destination Glenwood Springs Colorado until after dark. We quickly Dr hotel the Best Western in antlers and spoke with the attendant who told us that she could get us discount tickets to the Hawks springs which was the reason we're there in the first place. We gladly took the tickets and headed off to the hot Springs, which took longer than we wanted because we didn't know the way. 

By the time we got there it was around 9, so we enjoy the pools as much as we could for about an hour. The sulphurific atmosphere was nice for this body in the mind and we were able to relax for that our enjoying each others company and alarm sometimes hard water. I particularly enjoyed the hottest one at 180 degrees! 

We ate at tequilas Mexican restaurant and enjoy the food there. We ordered 3 emails for the fight of us and that was plenty for everyone. Hi recommend enchiladas and burritos.

The next morning be awake and we're able to eat a good meal at the Best Western which I definitely recommend. We also got some pastries from rosies Bavarian bakery for snacks later on that day which we ended up really enjoying. 

We learn from the Avalon are phones that the Amtrak was again running late this time 7 hours! The Wii had to come up with some things to do for the entire day since we wouldn't be leaving till 8 p.m. we decided to tour the city on foot and set alarm at trail the tickets around the side of Glenwood Springs which truth be very beautiful eyes if all the river. We saw the high school is well as books store and some other shopping long the way. After some naps we said up for dinner again this time I didn't Indian place that was a very delicious. We got the chicken tikka masala as well as the kabaw and another delicious curry the three meals fed us nicely, and we were on the way back to the hotel. The kind owner of the Best Western gave us a ride to the train station and we awaited the train. Unfortunately sense it was so late we didn't get to see any scenery on the way back though luckily we had seen the scenery on the way up. The train deliver to safely though very early in the morning.

I left the experience of writing on the train but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone in a hurry. Its definitely a government operation and lot of that thing seem to happen that slow it down. But if you do have the time and the means it is a cool way to travel and you meet all kinds of interesting people.

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