Sunday, February 8, 2009

The wait plus Valentines week

so my call is here... kinda. I had it sent home to Blanding and it will be here on Friday! If you could come to Bdge lobby at BYU at 5 on Friday, I would love it. I'd like everyone that can to be there! And if you think I'm excited, you should see my dormmates!They are going crazy, not knowing where I'm going! On a different note, this week's Valentine's day, and my ward's having a valentines competition. We get points for doing things like hugging or kissing the cheek of a complete stranger, dating, or asking someone on a date, or giving flowers or valentines to others. I am going to use this as an excuse to meet and hug and/or kiss many new girls(as if I need one).

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Chapman Family said...

As long as you blog about it as soon as you know... is your mom peeking? I totally would!! (Sorry kids!)