Monday, January 26, 2009

what you never thought could happen in your sleep

So recently I've found out how weird I actually am in my sleep. I knew, of course that I was weird in my conscious hours. I guess I should have figured it would carry over to the sub-conscious, but I never would have guessed it would have gone this far! I've had this sleep talking thing since I was about nine or ten, when my sister(we'll call her Alyssa, cause that's her name) told me that I had been sleep-taling the night before, and that I had said something about "passing the pencils". I thought I had gotten over it til I started college, at which point things really got weird. It started by just talking, like in the past. Jimmy would tell me just about every morning that I had been talking again. Gradually, I began to move up the ladder, and My roomate told me that I had sat up in bed with my fist outstretched and my eyes wide open, promptly followed by my head hitting the pillow and my eyes shutting again. He actually filmed me doing it once(If you'd like to see that, plus my excellent shower singing, just look at my videos on facebook) Beggining second semester, my new roomate (Max) has noticed my mutterings in the night, and has threatened to throw bottles at me if I do not keep quiet. But since he has become my roomate, he has reported me doing something I never thought possible... singing in my sleep! He tells me that one early morning, he awoke to hear me singing " I love rock and roll" by Alan Merrill and Jake Hooker of The Arrows. And you thought you were strange!

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Allie said...

At least you're singing some good tunes! That's so funny. You'd better call us when you open your mission papers!