Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The day my dorm exploded

The day started just as any other day, besides the fact that I had just rocked my Book of Mormon final at BYU. I was feeling great, although kinda tired before, because of studying late for said test the night before. I also had to get up early, as the test started at 7. Since I had done so well on my BOM test, I decided to treat myself to a nap for a few extra hours of much needed rest. So, I set my alarm for about 3 hours in the future, and hit the hay. I woke up just about the time my alarm went off, to the screams of my dormates(just kidding, it wasn't that bad) But, Jimmy(my roomate) woke me up, exclaiming that the hall had flooded, and I had better pick up everything off the ground I cared about! I awoke and although bleary eyed, soon found out that there was a pool of water forming on our carpet. After further investigation, and the moving of things off the ground, I found that there was a pool in the hallway, and the proper authority figures had just arrived to take care of the mess. Apparently, a toilet had blown up, sending water three feet in the air, and filling the bathroom, the hall, and our rooms with water. Everyone sloshed into the hall to see this natural wonder, and document it with photographic evidence. My room was farther away, so it did not get the full effect of the river of toilet water, but we definitely got hit by it. I am now even more grateful to be closer to the end of the hall. Soon, they had a subpump and were cleaning up th lake of water. It was certainly one of my more interesting experiences at college thus far


Chapman Family said...

gross. You boys and your toilet issues. yuck! I have one word for you: disinfect!

Karlet said...

EWW!! Holy cow, Spens! That's nasty!