Thursday, November 6, 2008

College dates

I was told by my Resident Adviser that money spent on dates before you go on a mission is money spent on another man's wife. I recognize this as true doctrine, but I will not quit because it's just way too much fun! So I'll continue. I went on a fun date with my cousin Kari on one of the first weekends after school started, and it was a fun, but enexpectedly painful experience.

We went tubing down the Provo River that weekend, and I decided to take a cute girl from my freshman Academy group. I was extremely excited, firstly because I was going with this cute girl, and secondly because I would be meeting Kari's boyfriend. I figured this was my opportunity to pass judgement on him. Plus, Kari and I are pretty tight(even compared to the rest of our family).

We set out on our quest for fun on a warm, September day with smiles on our faces. There was a bit of stress in my life because the girl I had asked did not answer the phone just minutes before we planned to leave(it all worked out, though) So we drove up the canyon and reached our destination. After procuring our life jackets and tubes, we boarded the owner's van, and headed to the place we would begin our float down the river. We were still very excited, and quickly jumped on the tubes when left by the man. Bryon(Kari's boyfriend) and I, started a little behind the two girls, and I had a nice conversation with the guy. He sped ahead a little, so I was left behind a bit, by my self. This is the point I decided to change my position on the tube, which turned out to not be a very good idea, because I soon found myself in the water. I was able to get back on, however, and we continued down the river, talking and laughing, me being a bit more damp. I decided to press my luck a second time , and again found myself in the water, this time, however, the tube escaped my grasp, and I had to try to catch it by running through the rocky river in bare feet, another mistake on my part. Luckily, I was behind the rest, so Bryon was able to corral the tube for me to get back on. We vcontinued on for a while, this time, without hyaving any more trouble. I was floating happily, admiring my dates' beauty, when out of the blue I was in the water again! You can probably imagine how irate I was at this moment. But this time, I was determined not to let that tube go. I held on like someone was trying to steal my doooughnut (mispelled purposefully to sound canadian). The problem with this idea was that the current was strong enough that I could not gain my footing, so I was dragged along those sharp rocks mentioned before, which was not a pleasant experience, I can tell you. I was finally able to shove myself to a side, and got back on. The rest of the trip passed uneventfully, because I made sure to hold on to the others' tubes for protection. I'm swure this outing made me look great to this poor girl who happened to be my date. It was still pretty fun, but I got scratched, bruised, and soggy for my efforts. I sure hope this girl enjoyed herself, cause it was a lot of work and pain for me!


Allie said...

Sounds like fun, Spens! Other than the scrapes and bruises and I'm sure bruised up ego! :) Ha! Hope you're having fun!

Chapman Family said...

You go Spens! Pre Mish College is the time to not be so stressed about the relationship and just have fun! Sounds fun!

AnneMarie said...

Date away, it is fun. I'm jealous of the cousin bond.