Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Czech it out...I'm in Prague!

We just arrived in the Czech Republic today, and boy is life good! This city is beautiful (although I didn't think so at first while driving through the ghettos), and it was amazing to walk through the streets, while eating some K-bob (delicious meat).  Here's some more pics...

Also, the end pictures are of me with my cousins that live in Prague! Brandon and Monique..Thanks for the great time! You and your kids rock! Here's what happened (from Monique Chapman):

So Spenser Simpson came to visit us and my youngest son wouldn't leave his side and called him "Buddy" the whole time because I yelled, "Hey Buddy!" when he arrived at our doorstep. Logan refused to call him Spenser and cried when he left. My other son kept asking Spenser cool questions like, "What's your career?" "How many movies long is your trip?" and "Where are the Pretty Girls?" (His sisters. And yes, they are pretty. Alyssa SimpsonMcKale Simpson)

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